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What are the benefits of a veterinary house call? 

 A veterinary house call offers a range of benefits compared to a typical visit to a "brick & mortar" clinic: 

  • Low stress: A house call reduces stress for both you and your cat as neither of you have to leave the comfort of your home. 

  • Convenient: Having a vet come to your home eliminates the need to transport your cat(s) to a clinic - saving time, energy, and in some cases, transportation expenses. 

  • Personal: A house call generally offers more time and focused attention than a typical clinic appointment. 

  • Accessible: For pet owners facing limitations with mobility, transportation, scheduling, or child care, a mobile vet makes quality vet care more accessible. 

  • Informative: Much more can be learned about a pet's diet, environment, symptoms, and natural behavior during a house call.

What kind of pets does Mokum Mobile Vet see? 

At this time, Mokum Mobile Vet provides care to cats only. 

What geographic areas does Mokum Mobile Vet cover?

We provide house calls within the A10 ring. If you need help in a neighboring area, you are welcome to reach out to discuss options. Outside the A10 ring, additional travel fees may apply. 

How can I prepare for the house call appointment and what can I expect?

To maximize our time together and ensure the visit is as low-stress as possible for everyone, we ask that you isolate your cat in a bathroom or other small room shortly before the vet arrives. Ideally, the room does not have a bed or couch that your cat can hide under. Spending the first 10 minutes of the visit trying to lure your cat out from under a bed will limit our time together, can be stressful for your cat, and could be dangerous for you or the veterinarian. 

During the hour before your appointment, we ask that you remain available by phone in case there are delays (e.g., traffic) in arrival time. We appreciate your flexibility with this. 

Before the visit, please send your pet's previous medical records and list of medications to It is also helpful to have medicines, supplements, and food available to review with the veterinarian during the visit. While we certainly don't need a complete home tour during the visit, it can be helpful for the veterinarian to understand your cat's litter box situation, especially if your cat is going outside the box. 

What languages do you speak?

While Kelly is learning Dutch, she is a native English speaker so the services are best provided in English. Ze begrijpt en spreekt een beetje Nederlands. 





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